About Sandy Hume

Hello. My style is one of genuine connection and empathy as well as directly, and concretely addressing your goals and needs.

I want to help you say good-bye to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and sad, develop more satisfying relationships, work through traumatic experiences, and experience fun and pleasure again. I’ve done this for my clients and I want to help you too.

Over the years, I have trained extensively in alleviating trauma, anxiety, and depression and building meaningful relationships with the leaders in my field. For EMDR based interventions, I have done the comprehensive training and have demonstrated the required competencies to become an EMDRIA EMDR Certified Therapist. I do all this to enhance my ability to help you and to stay on the edge of the latest research and techniques which are constantly evolving as we are now able to image the brain and study it in new ways.

My clinical psychology graduate work was completed at Pepperdine University where I graduated with honors. In addition to my practice, I have been supporting the growth of future therapists as a Psychology Professor for the Graduate Program at Pepperdine University, and I regularly provide therapy training at one of our local Orange County therapy clinics.

I hope you will take action and call or text me at (949)342-4548 or email me.

Sandy Hume therapist