Sandy Hume Counseling, MA, LMFT, EMDR Certified

Partnering with my clients to foster calm, having fun again, and satisfying relationships

Your body and your mood are often the parts of you that finally get your attention that you have too much stress and fatigue. You may have been to the doctor, and you are handling your physical issues, but you’re still experiencing an intensity you know needs to be addressed in another way. It’s possible to experience fun and relaxation again, and improve your connections with others. 
When you feel like you are always pushing hard, life becomes hectic and lonely. We may become the one who is there for others, or have learned to not need very much from others. In either case, you may rarely get the support you need. Without real support, the cycle of fatigue, frustration, and stress typically continues. Building more mutual support and an authentic and more fulfilling connection with yourself and others is possible. It is a strength to reach out and get support, not a weakness.
I’m Sandy Hume and I specialize in helping my clients say good-bye to feeling continuously overwhelmed, anxious, and sad, develop stronger relationships and marriages, work through traumatic experiences, and experience a shift that brings back calm, joy, and pleasure into their lives.

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