Sandy Hume Counseling, MA, LMFT, EMDR Certified

Working towards calm and connection

If you worry a lot, get overwhelmed, have had a major loss, or just feel unsettled with where you are, therapy can really help. If your body feels worn out from what’s on your plate, and you feel a pressure that it’s just become too much, it’s possible to experience fun and relaxation again, and still be the successful person you have always been.
Often we feel alone in all this. You may feel you are the one who is there for others, but you are longing to get the support you need. It is possible to build more mutuality and authentic connection with others so you feel supported too.
In our work together, clients have said good-bye to feeling continuously overwhelmed, anxious, and sad, developed stronger relationships and marriages, worked through traumatic experiences, and experienced a shift that brings back joy and pleasure into their lives.

It is possible to shift your life and create lasting changes. I work with individuals and couples.

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